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Car polishing is used to restore the shine of the bodywork and to protect the final (transparent) layer that covers the car
The car's bodywork is protected by a series of layers (mainly paint) that perform a double function. On the one hand there is the aesthetic one, much more evident; the color of the bodywork, in fact, is one of those aspects that, although accessories, can make one model more attractive than the other. The painting of the non-transparent surfaces of the car also has a more strictly practical and functional function:preserve the structural integrity of the sheet metal of which the car body is made. The various layers of color are in turn protected by a thin transparent film that protects the paint ('solid' or metallized) from the action of atmospheric agents and retains its shine. In this regard, when the bodywork is dull and lackluster, it is generally necessary to carry out a car polishing. Let's see below what it is.

What is car body polishing?

The polishing of the car body is the process through which we intend to restore the shine and brilliance of the surfaces. This occurs by removing the most superficial layer of the dye, damaged by atmospheric agents..


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We provide innovative solutions for your bodywork during all stages of processing. Using 3M products you will get faster and more efficient results, saving time.

Why choose us

When you are faced with the choice of a body shop it is because a problem has already occurred. We would like to save money, we would like to put everything back in place in the best possible way, we would like to find a reliable body shop, competent and to refer to for any future accidents and damages.
It is not easy.
f in small urban centers the search is easier because you know each other and word of mouth is more effective, in big cities, especially if they are not our origin, everything becomes more complicated.
O Today, compared to twenty years ago, technology has evolved in all fields and many damages to the bodywork are resolved following different techniques. it is an important aspect to take into consideration. At Rossocorse Car Body Repair you will find concrete solutions saving time and money.

The body builder must make a diagnosis and identify the damaged chassis and bodywork components, assess the extent of the damage and consequently define an estimate of the times and costs of intervention on the vehicle. It therefore deals with the repair of scratches and dents on the bodywork (by hammering, cambering, grouting, etc.), with the possible replacement of damaged parts, with the straightening and leveling of the chassis and body, and with the final repainting.

At ROSSOCORSE body shops you will find qualified mechanics in possession of qualification titles, that allow you to acquire all the skills necessary to repair car bodies, using techniques that are diversified by type of damage (cosmetic or structural) and depending on the materials (traditional steel, high-strength steel, aluminum alloys and composite materials).

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